Friday, September 19, 2008

They Like Us! They REALLY Like US!

Quick hit:

In a Yahoo Sports countdown of the best Grizz blogs out there by Kelly Dwyer, guess which blog came in FIRST -- ahead of Tillery at The Memphis Edge and Herrington at the Flyer?

1. 3 Shades of Blue — One of the best team blogs in the game, this is such a good daily read that it leaves you wondering just why some of more prominent teams in the league don’t have blogs that are nearly this good.

The crew behind this gem of a website offer daily analysis, news, polls, links (maybe the best blogroll out there); and if "daily analysis, news, polls, links" sounds like just about every other NBA site on the 'net … yeah, this isn’t like every other site. Give it a read, and compare and contrast.

Nice to be noticed, and nice to be part of the blog team. And the Grizz aren't even a winning team (yet)! What's gonna happen when Iavaroni and the Baby Bears roll?


Ryan Schwan said...


- Ryan Schwan

carlcr said...

Way to go guys. Keep up the good work to give us the incontestably, incredibly, insurmountably, incalculably, inescapably, indisputably, inexpressibly- insightful, informative, entertaining, interesting, insuperable, inspirational, incomparable, indispensable, invincible, intelligent Grizzlies blog