Thursday, August 21, 2008

NBA Teams Cleared to Talk to Hamed Ehadadi and Give Him Ridiculous Sums of Money

Via Interbasket:

Just days after news broke that the NBA had disallowed any teams to talk or deal with Iranian superstar Hamed Ehadadi, as well as other Iranian basketball players, due to a lack of the correct license and permission from the US Government, reports are that the NBA has been approved for the license and the restriction has been lifted.

So now the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as the other teams who has shown interest in the 7'2" center since his coming-out party in the Olympics, are allowed to enter into contract negotiations. And no, I won't make a joke about camels being involved in the terms. That would be silly.

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Lee Eric said...

If he can clean the glass with any kind of proficiency, bring him on!

Although, if Memphis was slow to embrace a slow 7-foot Spaniard, I wonder how a slow 7-foot Iranian will be treated. . . .

But to be clear: If the kid can be a rebounding machine and play respectable defense, he's got a place in the rotation as far as I'm concerned.

Lee Eric said...

One more thing: If he can finish around the basket at ALL, I think he can thrive off of Mayo and Conley's dribble penetration. Drive and dish.

For that matter, so can Marc and Darko. I'm thinking that Conley should be able to get his teammates a lot of easy looks.

SeanBS said...

So about the mystery of his last name...

Wikipedia lists his name as Hamed E. Hadadi. Is it possible that somewhere along the line someone got mixed up and fused the E to his surname?