Thursday, June 5, 2008

Workout Update

The Grizzlies held their first private workout today with Israeli Omri Casspi, Davon Jefferson and Mississippi State's own Charles Rhodes.

I have never attended an NBA workout before and was very impressed with how physically taxing the hour long session was. They really put the players through the paces and tested everything from their shooting range, stamina, physicality and determination. While I was asked not to reveal the actual drills I can tell you I was beat from watching and all three players were very tired at the end of the workout.

Noticeably absent from the workout was Head Coach Marc Iavaroni but Coach Joerger, Coach Davis, Chris Wallace, the Barone's and Gene Bartow were all there as well as a lot of other Grizzlies personnel. Coach Iavaroni had a previous engagement and is expected at the other workouts. I wouldn't put too much stock into his absence. The private workouts are important but not as much as the totality of the work the players have produced in their careers.

The most interesting thing I can write about came from Chris Wallace who opened up the workouts by announcing there is no truth to the rumor that Memphis is struggling to get top players in for workouts. The list of people who are excluding Memphis are few and most have good reasons. Derick Rose and Michael Beasley don't expect to be available at #5 (you have to assume that is a safe bet too). Jerrod Bayless doesn't want to workout but that isn't surprising given the makeup of the team and the likelihood he won't be around at #5 either. Brook Lopez is only working out with the top 4 teams right now but I have a feeling that could change over the next couple of weeks. Danilo Gallinari hasscheduled only one workout in NY and his father doesn't understand why any more are needed. Apparently Italians don't do things like the NBA does. OJ Mayo has not scheduled any workouts anywhere while he decides on who his agent is going to be. Expect Lopez, Mayo and Gallinari to all work out at sometime before the draft. Here is the schedule so far:

Monday, June 9th: Kevin Love, DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee, Joey Dorsey, Kyle Weaver and Jeremy Pargo-

Wednesday, June 11th: Richard Hendrix (Alabama), David Padgett and Robert Dozier

Thursday, June 12th: DJ White, James Mays and Trent Plaisted

Friday/Saturday, June 14-15th: The team is going to Oakland, CA for a large group workout involving most of the late lottery to 2nd round picks like CDR, Darnell Jackson and Courtney Lee. There will be around 24 guys at this workout attended by most of the NBA teams.

Monday, June 16th: Courtney Lee, Sonny Weems, Will Daniels, Anthony Randolph and Darrell Arthur

Wendesday, June 18th: JR Giddens, Bill Walker, James Palacio and someone else who's name escapes me.

This list is not inclusive and people could be added or dropped. It is very fluid right now as players expect to go higher than they probably will end up being drafted. I anticipate more names coming in as the draft gets nearer. Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon are still working out when they can fit a workout in with their schedules. Three weeks and 30 teams is a lot of workouts for these guys to attend especially having to travel all over the country.

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GrizzGM said...

top notch reporting. how did cassipi look?

Chip Crain said...

Like at best a late 1st round but more likely early 2nd rd pick. He probably needs another year or two in Europe to fully develop.

He was a lot more physical than I expected however. He is not a soft European by any means. Those contact drills looked more like WWE than NBA and he gave out more than he took.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the workouts, Chip?

August West said...

Bill Walker would be great pick up with that Lakers pick at the end of the 1st...

vanjulio said...

I watched Richard Hendrix almost single-handedly upset the overrated Hoyas and a goon named Hibbert early last year on ESPN2. I don't think Georgetown will play Alabama on the road ever again after that fright!

I think he is very underrated.