Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Workout Update: Hendrix, Padgett and Hubalek

Wednesday brought in three big men who they may be interested with the 28th pick in the draft. Noticeably missing from the workout was Robert Dozier. Apparently Dozier pulled out of the workout due to scheduling conflicts (he was in Washington yesterday and Charlotte tomorrow).

Richard Hendrix from Alabama was the main prospect the Grizzlies appeared interested in. If he wanted to make a good impression he failed miserably. He looked to be in good shape but he was obviously winded within the first 30 minutes of the practice and was exhausted at the 45 minute mark. That isn't good for a one hour workout. It was too bad because he showed a lot of potential to play the 3 spot. His range was nearly out to the 3 pt line and he showed good interior play despite giving up at least two inches in height to the other players. Tony Barone said they wanted to push the big men to see what they had in the tank and by all appearances Hendrix was not prepared for such a difficult session.

Hendrix had motivation issues right from the start. He rarely followed his misses to the hoop and seemed to quit once the shot was missed. That isn't going to impress too many people when the Barone constantly told the players to finish every play. The one bright spot was Hendrix' range was surprising to me who only knew him as Alabama's center. It was difficult to imagine Hendrix being that effective as a rebounder in the NBA but he did average over 10 boards a game as Junior at Alabama. He also didn't look to be 6-9. He looked to be shorter than Kevin Love with less range, in poorer shape and not nearly as skilled. Of course Love is being considered for a top 5 pick not a bottom 5 pick.

David Padgett was the largest player at the workout and he showed great heart and desire. What he didn't show was great mobility or talent. Padgett could hit from 17 feet in and his motor never stopped running. He looked willing to run longer although he too was showing signs of fatigue at the end. He always appeared ready to do whatever the coaches asked. If any player really distinguished himself and raised his stock today it was Padgett.

Jiri Hubalek (pronounced WHO-bah-lek) was a new name for me and one I hope I don't have to put to memory. He has a smooth outside shot but seemed to frail to bang inside and too slow to get off a shot in the NBA unless left all alone. He did prove that if you give him an opening he will shoot lights out however. In one drill from the elbow Jiri went 12-14 shooting in 60 seconds while sprinting from sideline to sideline between shots. He reminded me of the Houston Rockets big man Steve Novak. He has legitimate NBA 3 pt range but is that an important trait in the NBA for a 6-11 center?

All in all it was not a very informative workout. About 10 invited guests were present and I can only assume they were more season ticket holders. I would have liked to talk to them but the real world called and I had to leave immediately after the workout ended. I did get to ask if Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez or any other new workouts were scheduled. Apparently both players have increased their interest in working out for the Grizzlies but nothing has been set in stone yet.

Also absent were Geoff Calkins and Chris Vernon. Ron Tillery and Chris Herrington was present and I expect a more thorough review from Chris' blog this afternoon. You may also want to check out the Edge to see if Ron makes any comments. For those interested David Sparks (The Arbitrarian) has an interesting blog up about the history of the Grizzlies.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff, that sucks that hendrix didnt just knock him dead, i thought he was a legit pick for us at 28, more so than homer ass pick dorsey.