Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Links: Gasol speaks out, ESPN is high on Conley, but not the team, Jumping Myth

Following last night's loss to the Lakers.....hang on a minute. Following last night's embarassing blowout to the Lakers -- that's better -- Pau Gasol had some statements that expressed his displeasure with what had occurred. From the Commercial Appeal:

Griz 7-footer Pau Gasol said he was frustrated by the Grizzlies' one-on-one play. The Griz finished with 19 assists on 41 field goals so that they had six players score in double figures was a bit deceiving.

"You don't have to be a scientist to figure that out," Gasol said. "We have to get back on track. We need to realize we have to play together every night and not try to do our own thing. ... It's a team game."

What's funny is that this is the kind of statements that get a player recognition for being a leader. I don't buy "Strotential" (click the link, you'll thank me) and I don't believe that Pau Gasol will ever be a "true leader". But even I thought it was the height of hysterics when someone read the comments above and labeled it as "more Gasol crying and whining". C'mon people -- quit sipping the haterade long enough to see that he was calling the whole team out and including himself in that group. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he was 100% right either. Or that Rudy Gay backed up his comments about it being a team game by talking about "team defense" later in the same article.'s fantasy basketball writer Keith Lipscomb has fallen in love with Mike Conley. He dedicated an entire Rookie Report to him today. While he was mostly concerned about his statistical output for fantasy purposes, they did praise him for his ability to run a team and his heady play.

However, over on the Daily Dime, Jalen Rose lists the Grizzlies at #4 on his "Most Disappointing" list. I'd love to be able to ask Jalen how exactly it is that the Grizzlies -- worst team in the NBA last season -- are more disappointing than the Bulls, Rockets or Jazz. Those three teams made the playoffs last year, were expected to go far this year and would all miss the playoffs if they started right now. Of course, he has Minnesota as his #1 most disappointing team, so I guess we should have lowered our expectations about what Jalen was bringing to the table with this one. In fact, didn't the experts predict an average finish of 10th in the West? I wonder what kind of expectations Rose had for this team?

With a hat tip to our helpful reader Jed, I direct you over to TrueHoop to explore the myth of leapers being able to touch the top of the backboard. As a lifelong Tiger fan, I can only think of one guy who might have been able to accomplish that feat -- Michael Wilson. No, not the guy who made all the funny sound effects in the Police Academy movies -- that was Michael Winslow. Michael Wilson played for the Tigers in the early 90's . In lieu of a Blog/Website of the day, I leave you with his world record dunk on a 12 ft. goal.

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