Friday, December 21, 2007

Links: Wages of Wins Reviews the SW Division

Short and sweet today as we prepare for back-to-back weekend games, as well as the Tigers taking on Georgetown tomorrow morning.

David Berri has been reviewing each division in the NBA over the past weeks and has arrived at the Southwest Division today. A few interesting observations from his post:

There were no more than two teams with a positive efficiency differential in the divisions reviewed thus far. In the Southwest, though, four of the five teams have a differential that’s above zero. And so far, ten of the teams examined have been worse than the Memphis Grizzlies. In sum, this is one tough division.

In other words, the Boys from Beale Street aren't quite as bad off as some fans would have you believe. They aren't good -- but they aren't horrific either.

Dave also promises something that should be of unique interest to Memphis fans:
My plan is to write a specific column on each of these teams that will re-visit the Shane Battier for Rudy Gay trade. Look for that column in a few days.

I'm sure that Chip will be all over that post like a fat kid on a cupcake. Check out the link for the full review of the toughest division in the NBA.

That's all for today. Look for a Christmas Wish List next week, as well as a fantastic interview with Geoff Calkins. Enjoy the three Memphis basketball games over the next two days and the Tigers bowl game tonight in N'awlins. Happy Holidays everyone.

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