Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Links: DIME Magazine, Kenny Smith

There was a nice recap of the loss to Unicaja on DIME Magazine today. They had some interesting insight into the Memphis Grizzlies young players, particulary their critique of Rudy Gay:

Rudy Gay is so freaking athletic and could be so good, it’s a shame he isn’t better. Think about it: physically, Rudy doesn’t have anything Kevin Durant doesn’t have (maybe the long-range accuracy), but he probably won’t ever be a superstar like KD can be because Rudy simply doesn’t go hard all the time. He made some amazing plays yesterday — crazy dunks from all over the place, and one block where he looked like Mike Powell jumping out at a three-point shooter — but there were also times when you could see Rudy start to drive, then blow an opportunity because he didn’t want the contact. If Rudy needs a “Don’t do this to your career” manual, he should look down the bench at Stromile Swift …
I think that's the fear that many fans have about Rudy -- that he'll never fulfill his potential...or possibly even come close.

Kenny Smith is the new NBA expert for Yahoo! Sports, taking the spot vacated by Steve Kerr who is now employed by the Phoenix Suns. He posted his predictions for the Eastern and Western Conferences. He has the Grizzlies finishing 9th in the West, which is the second highest position I've seen in all of these previews so far.
9. Memphis Grizzlies – They improved their team by adding Mike Conley Jr. However, the best improvement comes from just being healthy. Pau Gasol is arguably the second-best power forward in the West behind Duncan, and don't underestimate Damon Stoudamire's value.

Those are pretty strong words that he has to say about Gasol when Dirk Nowitzki -- you know, the reigning MVP -- still plays in the West, as well as Carlos Boozer, Shawn Marion and Elton Brand. Let's hope The Jet is an accurate prognosticator.

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Anonymous said...

Pau Gasol ate Nowitzki in the Eurobasket in 2 or 3 games of the championship. Just a point of this summer.