Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sean Deveney interviews Marc Iavaroni

You can check out the whole interview on Yahoo! Sports. Here's a brief snippet:

SN: I want to talk about your point guards. You are young at the position. And Damon Stoudamire is 34. What level of discomfort does that give you?

MI: We'll have to see. Younger players, you have to be patient. We'll help them, but we want them to make tough decisions under fire. We are not going to spoon-feed these guys.

SN: Are you approaching the point guard spot as an open competition?

MI: I think I have to. To have credibility, I have to tell them what we see as their strengths and how we are going to use them and let them go out and play.

SN: One of the negative things that has hung over the team is whether
Pau Gasol has asked for a trade. Have you been able to address that head-on?

MI: Yeah, after my press conference, I was on a plane within 48 hours to go meet with him. It was well worth it. I listened to him, he listened to me. We came out of it knowing we would have very good communication.

I thought it was a good "cover all bases" interview from Sean Deveney (admittedly not one of my favorite sports writers) that touched on some key issues without delving too deeply into any hot-button topics. A nice introduction of Coach Iavaroni to the fans....even if his name is misspelled in the headline.

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