Monday, September 24, 2007

Links: Marc Iavaroni Interviews and ESPN Grades the Offseason

Memphis Grizzlies head coach Marc Iavaroni was on Sports 56 this morning with George Lapides and Geoff Calkins. Iavaroni talks about what he expects from the team heading into training camp and for the rest of the season. Go to their website to hear the interview in its entirety.

Looks like Ron Tillery is finished with his offseason, as he's found time to interview the new GM and the new coach of the hometown Memphis Grizzlies in the past week. I hope this won't affect his preparation for the Babe Draft. Click here to read his Q & A with Iavaroni.

Bethlehem Shoals of AOL's The Fanhouse read the interview above and has an interesting take on Iavaroni's view of his current point guards versus the man/myth/legend that is Steve Nash. He wonders if this could result in a bumpy relationship with Mike Conley, Jr. as a result of expectations being too high and not leaving enough room for him to grow and know, like it took Nash a few years to get comfortable.

Marc Stein released his Western Conference Offseason Grades today, to follow up his look at the Eastern Conference over the weekend. He has the Grizzlies at #3 in the West, behind Houston and Seattle.

Only a small handful of teams had a more fruitful offseason than the Grizz, whose new brain trust (general manager Chris Wallace and coach Marc Iavaroni) has already generated some new hope after drafting Mike Conley, signing Darko Milicic and trading for Gasol's close friend Juan Carlos Navarro.

Overall, a very complimentary review of what the Grizzlies' front office has accomplished this offseason.

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